PBMW Manufacturing Capabilities

Our Industrial manufacturing includes high speed precision CNC machining, computer aided drafting, big lathe work, custom machining, cutting large keyways, welding, and brazing.

We are capable of high speed precision CNC machining with our Okuma Crown Big Bore L1060 and our Okuma ES-L6. Both of these turning centers has the advanced graphics and programming package. Our Fryer VB-50 VMC with Anilam 5300 control travels 30" x 50" x 24" and has an open table design for milling oversized parts. All of these CNC machines are programable for just one part or over a million parts.

We make prints and CNC programs with our CAD/CAM software and issue part numbers to prints and sketches for future orders, or we can use your part numbers.

Big lathe work is performed on two different machines here at Pete Burr Machine Works. The 36" Lodge & Shipley measures 22 Ft. between centers, and can handle a roll up to 3 Ft. in diameter by 33 Ft. long. The 27.5" Monarch measures 24 Ft. between centers, and can also handle large rolls.

We have several different machines for your custom machining needs. The following machines handles our various precision milling work: Bridgeport Vertical; Supermax Verticle; Cincinnati Tool Master (Vertical Mill & Shaper). We have several smaller lathes that can also do precision turning: 18" Reed Prentice measures 26" between centers; 17" Summit measures 80" between centers and taper attachment; 16" Rockford measures 60" between centers; 15" Nardini measures 60" between centers and taper attachments; 12" Clausing Colchester measures 42" between centers and taper attachment. We have both vertical & horizontal band saws. Our Ellis Miter band saw for example, makes infinitely variable degree cuts. For sawing in large quantities we go automatic with our new Hyd Mech saw that was aquired in 2005. Our Thompson automatic surface grinder was also aquired in 2005.

At Pete Burr Machine Works we have an extensive inventory of accurate measuring equipment. To gauge these instruments, we use Starrett-Weber gauge blocks, traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards.

For cutting keyways and grooves of any size we have the 36" Ohio Shaper, the Morrison Keyseater, and the Cincinnati Tool Master utilizing the shaper attachment.

Our welding capabilities are not limited with Miller welding machines which give us the options of tig, mig, and stick. For brazing and cutting,we have Victor torch rigs, and a Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter.

At Pete Burr Machine Works, higher quality parts can be manufactured to replace orginal parts. A different material having more strength, hardness, or corrosion resistance may be used and the parts can be machined more precise.

We repair Screen Frames (air rectifiers) for nonwoven machines.

Our own core trimmer makes cutting cardboard tubes easy.