Precision Machined Parts

Examples of precision machined parts

Precision machined parts are our specialty at Pete Burr Machine Works.

For large part milling we utilize our Fryer VB-50 milling center with open-table design. Smaller precision machined parts are also milled on this center on a daily basis. With our highly trained, certified and conscientious operators this machine has highly accurate output on a timely basis, which pleases our industrial customers. For our customers' turned parts needs, our Okuma Crown Big Bore puts out product with consistent speed and accuracy. Combined processes of these two CNC centers allows us to be versatile for our customers' needs of complex parts in any quantity, made from any material.

We compose prints and CNC programs with our CAD/CAM software and issue part numbers to prints and sketches for future orders, or we can use your stock numbers.


Precision machined parts requires accurate measuring instruments. At Pete Burr Machine Works we have an extensive inventory of accurate measuring equipment. To gauge these instruments, we use Starrett-Weber gauge blocks, traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards.

Examples of our precision measuring equipment

PBMW has certified, trained and experienced personal that have the know-how to manufacture precision machined parts in any quantity for industry,small businesses, or private individuals to suite any application. Whether machined, ground, cut, or welded, we have the equipment and expertise to meet your needs. Contact us today for fast personalized service